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Argentina and its neighbouring countries are probably the hottest destinations on the planet right now. Movie directors, executives, actors, and other affluent individuals are heading to the southern tip to enjoy the diversity of the landscape, the cosmopolitan thrill of Buenos Aires, the beaches of Uruguay and its opulent lifestyle, like never before. And Curiocity, the first and only premium travel boutique in Argentina, is at the very forefront of custom-made luxury travel.

True luxury travel is an art and Argentina is our palate. Here at Curiocity, we relish the opportunity to offer journeys to achieve every dream of our clients, with style, flair and imagination that will make every moment of your journey to Argentina and other nearby destinations utterly unforgettable.

Since 2002 we have dedicated ourselves to this art. Well known corporate executives, professional sports stars, celebrities and other affluent individuals have, through their sophisticated requests, stretched our imagination to offer some moments we never thought possible.

In every far flung corner of Argentina, Uruguay and Chile, we can arrange anything you desire. Priority waitlisting at the most luxurious properties? Be our guest. Private cooking lessons in a famous chef’s kitchen? No problem. Shopping with a fashion editor? Sure. Private box at the polo open or ATP event? Come and meet the players. VIP treatment at A-list parties? Walk this way. Last minute priority booking at BA’s restaurant du jour? Oui, oui, oui. Lining up jets and choppers? Done. Shutting down a section of a National Park just for you and your family? Sorted. Private blending with a renowned enologist followed by dinner in the vineyard with a full philharmonic orchestra? Want to design your own label too? And, well, we could go on and on but you get the idea. You name it we can do it, no matter how outrageous, exotic or seemingly impossible it is. Needless to say, if you are concerned about the price, we are probably not for you.

And how can we do this? Firstly our Luxury Travel Specialists have not only a little black book that would make your eyes pop but they have also spent their lives travelling around Argentina and the world in the most luxurious way possible. Their passion for travel, intimate knowledge based on their first-hand experience, dedication to providing the world’s elite with the highest level of service possible, and their ability to make almost anything happen for our clients, is what sets Curiocity apart from the rest.

From this very moment until your return trip home, our Luxury Travel Specialists will let their imagination fly with your ideas. We will learn about you and your travel companions, your ideas, interests and travel style. We handle every arrangement, booking and payment, watch over every detail when you are travelling making for a perfectly executed experience. In short: we save time and provide peace of mind…we know the price, and the prize.

Curiocity offers the freedom to experience luxury. As the wily Lorre White, the Guru of Luxury, once said, ‘Luxury is the Art of Living. Don't just exist....Live!’


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