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Buenos Aires

Brash, beautiful and utterly beguiling…Buenos Aires is a city like no other. Passion exudes from every pore of the capital: the sensuality of tango; the fervor of a football game; thrill of polo chukka and the exuberance of the city’s residents. Combine this with world class opera houses, some of the greatest hotels and restaurants on the planet, cutting edge art galleries and one hell of a barbeque; you’ll have a stay that is simply unforgettable.
But to live Buenos Aires, is to get under its skin, see how it works, learn its idiosyncrasies, and Curiocity is inviting you to enjoy some exceptional experiences to achieve just this. Box seat at the Polo final? Private tango lessons with the world’s greatest leg twirlers in the privacy of your suite? Shopping with a fashion editor? VIP treatment at A-list parties? We will cater for any need, whim or fantasy with subtlety and aplomb that will make the city come alive like never before.
And when the batteries need recharging we can helicopter you out of Buenos Aires to our exclusive estancias to spend the days lounging by the pool, going for a trot or a round of golf. Perhaps you’d prefer to navigate through 20,000 waterways of the semi-tropical Delta and stay in one of our hidden luxury lodges. Or maybe you’d prefer to cross the Rio de la Plata to one of Latin America’s loveliest villages: Uruguay’s Colonia del Scramento. When you travel to Buenos Aires, the possibilities are endless indeed.


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