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Estancias of Cordoba

People from Córdoba are like the Irish: they love to party, they talk funny and they actually are funny. And who wouldn’t be living in the estancias of this beautiful province? But the similarities of Ireland don’t end there. The rolling hills, the green forests, tall sierras and quaint towns make Córdoba a stunning destination. No wonder the aristocratic families flocked to the area during the 19th and early 20th centuries, leaving some of Argentina’s grandest estancias, which are all ready and waiting for you. (Jackie O stayed in one of them for a 20 day retreat back in the 1960s).
Whether you want the ultimate relaxation, or an extreme adventure, Córdoba’s natural landscape can provide it. Sit back and watch polo, or take a polo lesson (with an ex 10 goals). Córdoba’s estancias are an ideal place to immerse in the Argentinean countryside traditions. Indulge in a home-made meal or have an asado surrounded by nature and fresh air. Enjoy a day of spas and pampering followed by a glass of wine of the veranda watching a sunset the sierras are famed for. Or how about fly-fishing in clear rivers, horse riding with a full moon, swimming in natural pools or seeing the landscape with an eagle’s eye view in a paragliding adventure? No matter what you do, the beauty of the place will thrill you. You'll want to come back, and here at Curiocity we'll be waiting for you for your next visit to what must truly be, God's Country.


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