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The Hanging Gardens of Babylon may be long disappeared and Zeus no longer stands over Olimpia, but for those seeking out the wonders of the world, Iguazu Falls are still flowing strong.
They are not the highest, nor the most voluminous, but the Iguazu falls are undoubtedly the most beautiful. Crashing down into a 230-foot canyon, this foaming, bubbling, roaring spectacular extends over 250 falls for 14 miles through sub-tropical jungle bridging Brazil and Argentina.
Butterflies flurry around you while watching grey-rumped swifts dart through the cascades. An abundance of toucans, plush-crested jays and snowy egrets make it a twitcher’s dream, and nature lovers will rhapsodize over the Iguazu National Park. Curiocity can not only arrange five-star accommodation within the park on both the Argentinian or Brazilian side, in private retreats or grand hotels, but also plan novel ways to see the Iguazu falls: helicopter tours, private zodiac navigations, mountain biking and rappelling for anyone who has harbored Indiana Jones tendencies.
Iguazu is a magnificent place that any trip to Argentina must include.


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