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Buenos Aires

There are few greater pleasures in life than sipping a fine malbec - Mendoza’s signature grape from an oversized goblet while reclining among the very same vineyards from where the grapes grew. But imagine if you are drinking a varietal blended by yourself with the help of a master oenologist and from the bottle adorned with your very own designed label. Wafts from a sizzling Argentinian steak on the barbeque drift over. It’s idyllic, but why stop there? Here at Curiocity we are always on the look out for innovative ways to make your stay in Mendoza very special indeed, so why not let us arrange to have a philharmonic orchestra play in the vineyard at the same time, or perhaps take your bottle on a balloon ride over the foothills of the Andes.
Mendoza is paradise for those who enjoy the finer things in life: the wine, the food, the scenery, spas, did we mention the wine? If the famous Argentinian barbeque, called an asado, fascinates you why not get a private lesson from a renowned chef at a traditional family home.
It is also a wonderful destination for adventure holidays such as trekking, rafting, horse riding and snowboarding in the winter.
Trips from Mendoza to the Chilean capital Santiago or to the colorful port city of Valparaiso can also be arranged, and of course to the Chilean wine valleys to try their specialty carménère grape.


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