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The word ‘Salta’ is derived from the Diaguita tribe’s word Sagata – the very beautiful one, and there are few visitors to this region who disagree. Certainly in danger of stealing the crown from the Patagonian Lake District, the likes of Matt Damon (who married a girl from Salta), Robert Duvall and Richard Gere have all been bewitched by the cultural heritage of Argentina’s indigenous culture, the otherworldy beauty of Salta’s starkly enamouring landscapes and, of course, some very fine wines, including the regions trademark white torrontés.
The lovely colonial capital of Salta is a relaxed destination perfect for foodies with an urge to try its exquisite regional cuisine, musicians who flock to the folklore concerts and artists wowed by surprisingly strong contemporary arts scene. Beyond the capital are the remote Calchaquíes valleys including Cachi, Cafayate and Colomé home to some of the most luxurious wine lodges and ranches in all of Argentina. If that’s a little too tranquil, head into one of the national parks for adventure sports; we’ll provide you with a 4x4 to bounce around giant cacti, over dunes, across salt flats and up into the Andean foothills to watch a sunset you never imagined. Want to venture beyond Salta? Then a luxurious resort nestled in the Chilean Atacama Desert could be your next stop. Fifty times more arid than California's Death Valley and way more than the Sahara, this is the closest you’ll ever get to Mars (at least before the end of this Century).


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